Project Description

Semi-wrapped in sparta grass with 1 piece of GRAN CAMPOESTRELLA Cheese made from sheep raw milk, matured in the cellar for a minimum of 12 months, in which the cheese achieves a very important development in its aromas and flavours

The rind is hard, brown, mould well marked and defined. Esparto grass marked on its matural rind. The mass in firm and compact. It may show small sized eyes, scattered throughtout it. The colour is yellowish ivory. It has delicate aromas, to hay and natural herbs, thus enhancing the set of odours. Persistent, with a very goog softness and a pleasant spicy aftertaste, which gives extra versatility when cooking.

Ripening for more than 12 months
Approximate Weight: 2,800 Kg.
Product Code: C03E2

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